Navitas: Latin for energy; get up and go


Hi Wendy,

Look, a web page just for you!

I (obviously) need better images for my Energy Tools presentation.  Your stick figures look SO MUCH better than mine 🙂

The three main Energy Tools I have my bad art for are

Energizing (connect to Gold)

Updates for these images are what I’ve long been planning to find someone on Fiverr for.

Click on image here to see them larger.


Centering ground IMG_3751

Larry The Lizard on Easter Island
For the next Larry book I want to combine the photographs of him on Easter Island with illustrations showing what Larry is thinking regarding all the possible theories of the giant statues. Here are my prototype ideas.

AliensSneakersLogs CoverIdeas TopHat

A friend sketched these ideas – which are totally all I was after (Except for a Larry sketch, he’ll always be photographs), but then decided he didn’t have time.  My idea is just black and white sketches that will be thought bubbles laid on top of photographs.


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