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200 Positive Powerful Affirmations Volume II Bonuses

Welcome to your bonuses for 200 Positive Powerful Affirmations Volume II

Affirmation Stems PDF – To help you craft your own affirmations.
Additional EFT Resources – Go deeper in learning about EFT ( aka Tapping).

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Audios: (23.8MB)
This is a zipped collection of three mp3 files. Save this file to your computer and unzip it to find:

  1. Willing, Allowing and Openness Affirmations
  2. Self-Love and Worthiness Affirmations
  3. Prosperity and Abundance Affirmations Visit singer/songwriter Irene Boggs site to sample her affirmations based music and download a free song.
I met Irene in 2013 and got to see her perform a number of her songs live. She is fantastic!



Owning Your Affirmations


Affirmations and EFT


I promised, here is affirming while spinning on your left foot.

These next few videos are older but are still valuable.

Idiot’s Guide to Ho’oponopono (January, 2012)


Andy Demonstrates Using EFT for Depression and Suicidal Thoughts (April 2011)


Andy Demonstrates Mirror Work (Oct, 2010)
(Warning: shakey camera syndrome – no tripod used on this one)

Additional EFT Resources From 2014 Tapping World Summit

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