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The Messenger’s Path

Many people new to the entrepreneurial messenger’s path expect it to be a linear progression. After all, if you are doing heart-centered work, taking actions inspired by your soul’s purpose, surely the Universe itself will align everything to give you a smooth and easy rise to stardom. In my experience – not quite.


No matter how big a leader or celebrity in any field is, there are plenty of people who’ve never heard of him. I still come across people who’ve never heard of Wayne Dyer or Louise Hay, and it amazes me. A couple of years ago I met author/teacher Brendon Burchard at an event and I wasn’t familiar with him at all, which astounded everyone around me.

Also, no matter how “small” you might think you are, if you’ve released a book, taught a class, written a blog… you are a big deal to someone else. I teach workshops on ebook publishing and I tell people each time that publishing a book makes you a celebrity. Most don’t believe that until they hear from their first raving fan – a stranger whose life they positively impacted who reaches out to the author to let them know how much the person enjoyed their work. I still remember the first strangers who told me they’d seen one of my videos and read one of my books.

All the biggest names in any field did not begin with standing room only audiences, or books debuting at #1 on the best-sellers list. The messenger’s path is not a straight line. It has dips, curves, bumps and even such heavy road construction that you’ll be wondering why you ever dared travel down this road. It also has amazing highs, deep pockets of fulfillment, onslaughts of meaning and much more that make the journey very much worth it. You didn’t choose what you love to do, what you love to do chose you!

I recently had a workshop that nobody showed up for. Not long ago, that would have really bothered me and had me questioning what I was offering and if I was wasting my time. But I have learned that interest does not equal availability. People could be very interested in seeing you speak or taking your workshop, but they don’t have the time available that matches yours. So instead of giving up, offer it again. And again. And again.

I once taught a full-day workshop to a single student. I’ve also prepared content for a new 3-hour workshop that nobody signed up for. In that situation since I had all the material done, I made that my first online, on-demand class. And the full-day program for one was a tremendous value to that one student and it gave me another chance to improve my presentation skills. There really are no missteps, if we make the best of each situation. See the gift in what first seemed a disaster, and most importantly don’t take it personally. For that is the messenger’s path.

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  1. Colleen Ward said:

    Wow!! I was sitting here sooo upset, that my 1st book was not taking off the way I had dreamed !! (The book is “The Bully Won”) And all of a sudden there was your e-mail. It helped me feel a little better to hear those words, and to see your video.
    It also made me cry with emotion too. Not sure why.
    I had been one of your e-book students years ago and finally did the e-book thing. I had contacted you not to long ago and asked your advice and you said, “You can do this.”
    And so I finally did. There were a few problems with Kindle/Amazon. First they put my book up for sale with only cover and copyright page. Then when I tried to correct that (’cause people had bought that) they uploaded print that was dark, lite, dark lite. I’ve since fixed that, but the people who bought the book got that stupid print. It makes me look unprofessional and stupid. I’ve noticed that no one’s reading it. I’ve tried to work with Kindle to correct this but they don’t get it. I haven’t even responded to their response, because I’m so depressed I don’t have the energy.
    And recently, I felt the need to contact you to ask how I should promote my book. Should I do certain things that Kindle suggests–some makes me relinquish my control over the book. But at this point I’m sooooo down I don’t care what happens, as long as the book sells. Because I think this book and others that I’ll write can help people.
    I also have a sequel to this book. And I haven’t been in the mood to write. I feel sooo stuck. Here I am finally able to call myself an author and look for success and help people and it’s not printed so that I can be proud. three road blocks just getting it online. I haven’t even celebrated since the release 4/6/16. I just keep asking “Why?” Sorry to go on. But there’s no one in my life who would understand. Thanks for the words–they hit home…

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