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King of Authenticity

One of my absolute favorite things is doing Akashic Records readings. In fact, I’ve just gotten home from a two-day advanced class on Healing Through the Akashic Records. The work I did on myself this weekend confirmed the importance of authenticity to me, as well as how important being authentic is to all the work I do with my clients.

At the end of 2015 I was getting lots on intuitive hits, and messages in the Akashic Records, about creating programs and events for men. Out of the initial musings came a workshop I call, To Be A Man, and the phrase “Real Men Feel” which has since become a Facebook group and weekly Blab show.

What does it mean to be authentic? The definition is; not false or copied; genuine; real.

For me, being inauthentic means being afraid to be who I really am, feel what I feel, and express what I think. I now see that my inability to be authentic, to share what I felt and thought, was a root cause of my depression and suicidal thoughts while growing up.

I also see why as I step into owning and embodying my authenticity more and more that I’m called to support men more. Men are taught many things – most of them are about playing a role, putting on masks, faking it, being anything but genuine, real, and authentic. At the foundation of Real Men Feel is permission for every man to be their authentic selves. Being a “real man” doesn’t mean acting like anyone else. It means being you.

CrownThere was another term I received in my records a few months ago that I’m finally ready to own too. I hereby dub myself; The King of Authenticity. Your worship is not required, but you are certainly encouraged to follow my lead and be authentically you.

My wedding was a costume party and I was a medieval king. So even before I was consciously stepping into my authenticity, I was dressing the part.


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