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Mystery School: Day 1

In late January I had my first introduction to the Modern Mystery School thanks to a Life Activation healing I received. Today, I wrapped up the first day of a two-day Mystery School Initiation.

I love going into new experiences without knowing much about them, and this weekend certainly fits that bill. Mystery Schools are ancient, esoteric teachings long offered only to the elite and invited few. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians both had them. I’ve always figured it was somewhere that people along the lines of philosophers, shamans, alchemists, and maybe even witch doctors for lack of a better term, went for training.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed since my Life Activation is a big increase in synchronicities. On Friday, I had my first experience as a paid mystery shopper, then this weekend is mystery school and the last song on the radio as I drove home tonight was Journey’s “Who’s Crying Now” with it’s opening line of “It’s been a mystery…” I cracked up laughing. Those are cute little examples, but that sort of thing has been showing up on a daily basis for the last couple months.


Also, this morning as I was leaving the house I decided to throw a gratitude rock in one pocket and then I saw a metal key, which I believe I received from some workshop in the past year, but I can’t recall which, anyway this morning in the longest guided meditation I’ve ever taken part in – I saw a key. A key which matched the one in my pocket.

Part of the sacredness of any mystery school is the lineage – the fact that the teachings are handed down live and in-person from teacher to student for thousands of years. You can’t get this from a book or a webinar, so I can’t attempt to share anything I’ve learned, just my experience and reactions.


Very much looking forward to day 2 and beyond. Now I’m off for my ritual shower.

This is the key I put in my pocket this morning, then saw in meditation a couple hours later.




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