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Ripple Effects

Last week I lead my first Men’s Group at Circles of Wisdom, an idea I’d been toying with for months. One of the guys who attended looked familiar and I asked him if we’d met before. He said we had, at a holistic expo in New Hampshire last summer.

As the meeting went on I realized he was the person from the expo that I’ve since referred to as “The Show Me Guy.” That particular event was the first time I decided to do mini Akashic Records Readings in an expo environment. This guy came by who wasn’t familiar with the records at all and decided to take a seat and said, “Show me something.” I quickly forget details of readings for people, but I do remember I could see in his face that what I was sharing was having a deep impact on him. After the brief session, he said, “Wow, thanks” shook my hand and moved on.

At the men’s group he shared what I told him and why it had such a profound impact. The information from the Records resonated strongly due to a spiritual emergency he had recently gone through with a family member. He was so intrigued he took a class to read the Akashic Records himself. He went on to tell me that he read on my blog about how suicidal I’d been in December. He said he came to the men’s group meeting to tell me that I’m important.

The wild part to me was that I completely missed that last portion. Another attendee asked me if I heard what the man had said to me. I realized, I had zoned out and wasn’t sure what the final thing he had said was. He repeated it, “I came here tonight to tell you that you are important.” I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths to really take that in. I was stunned that I completely missed him saying it the first time. I was amazed by the synchronicities and ripple effects of what we all do. If I hadn’t decided to do Readings at that NH expo, if he hadn’t sat down and said “show me,” if he hadn’t read my blog, decided to come to the meeting, if the other guy hadn’t somehow recognized that I zoned out when I was told that I was important the first time…

I quickly flashed back to a conversation with a friend in late November when I was extremely low. He told me that whatever bad ripples I think I’m sending out and bringing people down with, that is nothing compared to the horrible ripple effect my absence would have on him and everyone else. That hit me hard. Ripple effects. They are powerful and come from what we do as well as what we don’t do. I’m determined to focus on the ones radiating from what I choose to do.

Ripple Effects

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  1. Dear Andy,
    You are an absolute treasure! If not for you, I wouldn’t have published my first book. I’d still be swimming around with my writing coach (who also published two books because I met you at the business group at Circles) sending out letters to publishers and doing other dead end activities. Last April I said to God, please help me if I am supposed to write about how color can heal people. I met you in May. By June, my book Purify was on Amazon. Just yesterday I finally fixed the kinks to get it to paperback.. Once I approve the proof, I’ll send you a copy.
    You have no idea that it was YOU that God put in my path to help me fulfill my life’s blueprint. YOU, Andy!!!
    You are a blessing in the Earth. I value you greatly and will always be thankful for your assistance.
    Love, blessings and peace,

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