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Celebration of Tears

Time for another exciting episode of Sharing with Andy.

This month has been a tumultuous time for me. What’s it been like for you?
Today we explore celebrations, tears, labels and even… pee?

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  1. I am quite the crier too and I understand that only means I’m releasing and I don’t even have to know what it is I’m releasing. Very cool that Sadie helped you have that aha moment. She is definitely in your life for a reason — there are no coincidences.

    OK, here is my one small piece of constructive criticism. I was distracted because I could see part of a tattoo on your chest and I kept wondering what it was! OK, so maybe it doesn’t take much to distract me…. 🙂

  2. Denise Carey said:

    I so adore this…and you…thank you for all of this and all of you…I have to share this in the hopes that it WILL be of service to others….I hold you in gratitude…for oh so much…and guess who almost has their book finished???? YES…because of you my friend…and I do think of you as my friend…

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