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What Are You Reacting To?

Welcome to another thrilling episode of Sharing With Andy, today we explore the reactions to the previous big hit, I’m Such a Loser.

When you find yourself triggered, by anything:
Then ask yourself: What am I reacting to?

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  1. Diane Soule said:

    I didn’t see the first post. In recent years I ask myself what am I reacting to?
    Back maybe 12 years ago some of my co- workers who drove school bus would drive by making an L on their forward. My reaction was what is wrong with these peopl? What example is that for children? Why would someone call themselves a looser? I thought it must be a private joke. So I decided L stood for lesbian since a group of them, all married seemed to come out. I’ve made some dumb choices, & felt unlovable but deep down didn’t believe I was a looser.

    • Thanks for sharing, Diane.
      Whenever I recognize my own dumb choices I remind myself that they fuel my growth. I hope your days of feeling unlovable are in the past.
      Be well – Andy

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