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Information Integration

I spent the past three days at Kate Beeders‘ live event in Boston and made this quick video on my way home to share my way of processing and integrating new information.

Any time you take in new information, it is important to find a way to integrate it so you can process your new knowledge and put it into action.

I find that Metallica always helps.

What works for you?

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  1. Marsha Cheli said:

    Andy I was wondering if you will be having another heart centered e book workshop at Circles of Wisdom after the one on July 23. Unfortunately I can’t make that workshop. I have been doing channeled and automatic writing and I have been told that they will be for a book of some sort. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Blessings & Light, Marsha

  2. It may not be my way of integrating information, but I certainly enjoyed your video and your sharing of the fact that we need to relax to integrate following a workshop/event. GREAT video! 🙂

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