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Sharing With Andy

Welcome to another episode of Sharing With Andy. Actually there have been no prior episodes of Sharing With Andy, so you haven’t missed a thing.

This is a spontaneous rant triggered be a video critique and resulting in one of my hidden fears coming to pass.

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  1. Andy, as usual your openness and vulnerability astounds me and makes me proud to be your friend. I think the reason we both paused on our intuition is because Brian willed us to. He energetically created space between him and us. Space to fulfill his choice. Wherever he is, he is happy. I am trying to make the choice to be happy with him. I will let you know when I really get there.

  2. Wow Andy, thank you for sharing so candidly, it’s really powerful. Fear is definitely an indicator for growth, if we dare listen.

  3. Hi Andy

    You know what I just loved about you now was your transparency.I have suffered 2 suicides in my family. my mom and my late sister. I too suffered such guilt for years.However, having gone through waves of depression at many points in my life it was your video which catapulted me into a far better frame of mind! Through conquering the fear of loss, including my husband almost 3 years ago, it has inspired me to take a new journey. its been mindblowing. I never read books as a child but now at the age of 54 I am devouring books all relating to the laws of attraction. You are one of the people who have inspired me GREATLY! THANK YOU!

  4. Thank you, Andy, as always, for sharing YOU so candidly and giving of yourself so fully. This is why you have SO much to offer the world.
    I appreciate all you have said here -so True for all of us!
    Also, I am certain that it absolutely IS possible to be free from the old thought and how it negatively effected you.
    Will share some cool stuff I’ve used to clear TONS and truly release it for good.
    Thank you for your commitment to be fully alive, experience all of your emotions, and keep moving forward in your Truth.

  5. Thank you for sharing. You are really authentic and I think if we ever fully loose our fear about falling back into something, then I think we loose our drive to keep moving forward and our edge to be able to help others through what we have travelled.

    Keep showing people they have options!

    Love ya man!


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