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Roll With It

Sometimes you’ve just got to roll with it…


One of my favorite affirmations for confusing or scary times: Out of this situation only good will come.

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  1. Thanks for such a vulnerable, truthful and authentic post, Andy. You rock.

  2. Adam Wolfers said:

    Such an awesome way to respond when things don’t go the way you had hoped or planned.

    I know I can benefit from keeping the larger perspective in mind during uncertain and scary times. This is a great reminder.

    Thank you for being you, Andy!

  3. My heart hurt for you, then sang for you! I am so honored to have met you and know for sure that there are amazing things ahead for you. You have a special gift. Your light shines through in all you do, and this, my friend, is only the beginning of your greatness! Many blessings!

  4. Andy, you ROCK! I LOVE the meditations and I’m spreading the word.
    You’re authentic and you allow yourself to be and feel vulnerable – there’s so much strength in that and it gives others, and me, the courage to be strong in times of weakness and fear. Don’t fear the fear!
    I believe in the work you do – keep it up!
    Oh, and I’m one of the people who LOVE receiving your mail and messages. :).
    ROCK ON!

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