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Fear of Making The Wrong Choice

I spent most of last week at a great event with Margaret Lynch, Ignite Your Power, where I was reminded many times about the fantastic tool of EFT or Tapping. Tapping is something I’ve done often, share with all my coaching clients, have included in my affirmations books and have even done prior videos on, but I don’t use it often for myself lately. I’ve decided to change that and just this morning I felt some fear over decisions I’ve made rising up, I was scared that I made the wrong decision. So I tapped on it. Felt even more fear rise up, be experienced and then in seconds I was laughing at my own fear.

So if you ever feel fear when facing a decision, or am scared that you’ve made the wrong decision – tap that shit out!


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  1. Hey Andy – great video. I really enjoyed it – nice work. I have been intrigued about tapping but have had little experience of it – it was super helpful to watch you demonstrate. Thanks for that instructive and uplifting video. Rock on!

    • Thanks Colin,
      Great to hear from you. A number of people told me that was the first time they’d seen Tapping. I’ll be making a couple back to basics videos soon around EFT.
      Be well!

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