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Introduction to The Akashic Records Course

In my latest course, Introduction to The Akashic Records, learn what the Akashic Records are and discover the information most often shared in Akashic Record Readings.

This on-demand course is an introductory overview of the Akashic Records.PromoVideo

Via lectures and slides you will get a brief background of the Akashic Records, learn what sort of information is contained in the Records, and most importantly you will learn what the Keepers of the Records most want you to know. As a certified reader of the Akashic Records I am sharing the four most common messages passed on to my clients during their sessions. This is information that everyone can benefit from.

This course is full of information I’ve received from the Akashic Records, including the price. My Records told me to charge $7 for this, but that is not a number I could select in the Udemy platform. So use this link or enter the coupon code “navitas” to take this hour+ course for only $7. You’ll even find an opportunity to book a session with me at a discount worth much more than the course fee.

Andy Grant

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