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Infinite Possibilites Training

Mike Dooly with Andy

Mike Dooley throwing down the 3-fingered “Thoughts Become Things” salute.

Could there ever be a better course to take than one called “Infinite Possibilities?”

Hard to imagine, but then that wouldn’t represent infinite possibilities would it?

Last month I got to spend four amazing days in Boston with a couple hundred of my new best friends, as well as Mike Dooley and his younger brother Andy Dooley. I heard of Mike back when I originally read, “The Secret“, in December, 2006. That book made me look at myself and my life in a new way. As I dove deeper into the power of my own thoughts and how I’d been creating my life, I decided to make a goal of working with each of the teachers featured in “The Secret“, so last month was another fine example of thoughts becoming things in my own life. I’ve gotten quite good at this whole “creating my reality” notion in the last few years. Mike is also the man behind the Notes from The Universe, one of the world’s most popular daily emails – and my personal favorite to read each day (well Monday through Friday at least. See, The Universe likes to take weekends off!) Since you can never get too much quality time with The Universe, it was an extraordinary four days.

The weekend wasn’t a traditional self-development event, it was a train-the-trainer program; meaning we were taught how to go forward into the world and teach classes based on Mike’s book, “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams.” We are out to reach people who have yet to realize how powerful they are, how magnificent life is, and that they aren’t here merely to survive, but to thrive! As someone who battled depression and suicidal thoughts while I was growing up, and beyond, I’m thrilled that such a class exists – let alone than I’m a part of it.

The weekend was full of traditional lecture and training periods, but also included music, dance, meditation, comedy, human scavenger hunts and a very fun “Come As You Will Be” party where you came as yourself in five years. That resulted in a night of dreams come true for everyone.

Dueling Andys: Andy Dooley & Andy Grant

Dueling Andy’s: Andy Dooley & Andy Grant

I am now an Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer and I’ll be bringing this material to audiences far and wide both in-person and online very soon. I can still remember so vividly how my mind leapt open when I first read, “The Secret”, and I love seeing those same “ahas” in other people. This program takes the core teachings of “The Secret” deeper and makes it much more applicable to anyone’s life, though any familiarity with the material in “The Secret” is certainly not needed. I’m looking forward to see where I’m called to teach this in the coming year; the notion of holding classes in both prisons and schools has me quite excited. Those are just two of the audiences so needing to be reminded of how powerful they are.


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