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AndySpeak1Author, coach and suicide attempt survivor, Andy Grant, is available for live keynote addresses, panels, interviews, telesummits and other virtual appearances.

Andy can serve your audience with an empowering message of resilience. His message for suicide prevention focuses on finding hope and embracing alternatives when choices seem limited. You can be in control of your thoughts and emotions instead of at their mercy.Workshop

A dynamic and energized stage presence, his is not a sob story but an inspirational ride of realizing how powerful we all truly are. Andy believes happiness is a learnable skill and no matter what has happened in the past, no matter how we feel right now, we are all capable of feeling happier and enjoying our lives even more. Enjoying life is the best suicide prevention tool there is.

Still Here: How to Succeed in Life After Failing At SuicideStill Here: Succeeding at Life after Failing at Suicide

“This book is a MUST read for every doctor, and anyone who has ever had even the slightest of anxiety or hopelessness about anything.” -Dr. Kim D’Eramo

“There are very real methods given in this book to overcome the unhappiness in life that everyone feels to some extent. The author also lets you into his life and personal battles he has faced and continues to face. This is a great read for everyone affected by suicide either by your owns thoughts and actions or by someone you love.” -Patricia

“Regardless of the level or degree to which we have personally dealt with any of these feelings, the fact remains that ultimately we desire to feel and live happier and more fulfilled lives. If you agree, this book will serve you well. It sure has served me well.” – CLB


“As someone who has lost someone to suicide, this book was actually comforting to me. I feel anyone would benefit from the knowledge and wisdom within these pages whether or not suicide or serious depression has touched your life.” -Sheree Henry

Andy has shared his personal story with humor, grace and insight to support groups, NAMI conventions, hospital staff, military audiences and more.

Andy was recently a headline speaker at Possibilities in Paradise, a twice a year 3 day destination event in Key West, FL.  He is a dynamic and confident speaker with great stage presence.
Our audience was both engaged and moved by his presentation, which was motivational and inspiring. Our attendees said he was life-changing.
I would most definitely welcome him back as a guest speaker at future events and highly recommend having him speak at your events.
-Jonathan Benjamin

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Past Audiences Include:
Possibilities in Paradise, Key West, FL
Simmons College, Boston, MA
Fort Devens, MA
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) New England Convention
NAMI Family to Family training
Heywood Hospital, Gardner, MA
Various suicide survivor support groups, telesummits, radio shows and individual clients

Andy Grant’s approach is down to earth and inspiring.  As he spoke, I felt the emotions wash over in the room who had lived his message of triumph over darkness and finding a reason to live.  He kept the audience’s attention with high energy and visual cues.  I would highly recommend Andy for any speaking event.
~ Leigh Daniel, Founder of Project Positive Change.


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Contact Andy Grant at

Andy Grant interviewed by Dr. Kim D’Eramo

Andy Grant Interviewed on Project Positive Change radio (iTunes)

Andy Interviewed on Possibility Partners TV Show


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