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Soul Entrainment

Soul Entrainment

Your Soul knows everything about you – past, present and future. Your Soul holds all the answers.  A Soul Entrainment® Session is a powerful, transformational process that puts you in direct communication with your own Soul.Essence

Soul Entrainment is a mix of talk therapy, hypnosis, and energy work that can bring about deep healing and resolution for you. You can ask your Soul any question you like; for assistance, healing, growth, change, clarity… Unlike coaching, Soul Entrainment doesn’t need ongoing sessions for optimal results. Some clients enjoy it once in their life, while others book a couple sessions each year.

How can Soul Entrainment help you?

  • The Soul will help you discover everything you need to know about your past, present, and future and it will always guide you with unconditional love and protection
  • The Soul helps you heal the root cause of your fears and blocks so you can move forward
  • Gain insight into your future and what steps to take to move forward
  • Heal and receive guidance about relationship issues, health, career, and life purpose
  • Discover your true magnificence, worth, and gifts
  • Receive guidance on how you can create more love (for self and others), joy, peace and fulfillment in your life
  • Discover and connect with your guardian angels and spiritual helpers for support and guidance
  • Reconnect with your loved ones in spirit and heal grief and receive messages
  • Receive healing of a past life if its connected to achieving your goals in the present and future

What happens during the session?

A typical session lasts from 90 to 120 minutes to ensure completion. In the first half hour we will discuss the issues you are dealing with and what you would like to heal, achieve, or gain clarity on as it pertains to any aspect(s) of your life. Then I will ask you if you have any questions you would like to ask your Soul.

Next, you will be guided into a deep relaxation and I will assist you into higher states of consciousness where you will easily and effortlessly connect with your soul. At the same time I will merge with your soul’s energy and help guide you, to your own healing and unfolding the answers you need to achieve your goals.

We will close the session by talking about your experience, picking soul cards and giving action steps to integrate the information and guidance shared during your session. I record all the information and guidance that is shared during your session, and share it with you to make it easier for you to review and integrate.

Contact Andy to schedule a Soul Entrainment Session

Soul Entrainment sessions are available in-person (Andy is based in Littleton, Ma) or by Skype to serve a global audience. If you choose Skype, keep in mind that I must be able to see and hear you clearly. We can do a quick minute or two test on Skype if you would like.

A session is 90-120 minutes and you will receive an edited MP3 file of your Soul interaction (the period of your questions and answers) within two business days following your session. Please contact Andy for availability and pricing information at

If you do choose a Skype session please note this in your email and include your Skype user name, as well as what country and time zone you live in. After you email Andy with a request for an in-person or Skype session he will reply with available dates and times.  Prepayment for your session is required before the chosen date.

I can’t guarantee that you get the answers you want, but I can guarantee an experience with your Soul. If you don’t feel you had an experience, the fee will be refunded.

Be Well,

“Wow! Wowzers! I’m different than when we started. Wow.” ~Teresa
“Hope restored! I had a very powerful experience with the Soul Entrainment work led by Andy. All the while my ego voice chattered away; but, it could not compare with the awareness and experience of merging with and communicating with my God Self. I had the physical experience of being cocooned by spirit – yes, the melting away of my own physicality, yet all the while being held together like a cloud in the shape of Sarah. It led me to acknowledge the greater benevolent Being in Spirit (with a quirky sense of humor) guiding me. always. no matter what else my ego rambles on about.” ~Sarah
“WOW!” ~Steve

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  1. This experience was very powerful! The awareness I had dramatically changed my life. It probably would have taken me a few years to make the changes I am confidently making right now. I was given so much assuredness about making these changes, and I was able to understand SO much more than I would in my regular consciousness. I even received some instructions of things to do immediately, that ended up being very supportive in making this life change.
    During the session, which I HIGHLY recommend to absolutely everyone, I was very aware that I’ve been communicating with my soul for all of my life, and there’s just been lots of stuff in the way obscuring the communication. It was so freeing to have all of that stuff removed so I could receive such guidance and be aware of so many answers!
    I have remained in aware of the communication with my soul despite life creeping back in; there is a more open connection within myself even after a couple of months since my session. This allows me to receive guidance in every moment, so I feel SO confident and secure, despite some major life changes going on!
    Thank you so much, Andy!! Everyone needs to do this! You are so amazing for this work!

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