Navitas: Latin for energy; get up and go

Your Gift: The Power of Gratitude

I’m sure you have heard of gratitude, being thankful for what you have, but are you aware of how powerful a thought and emotion of gratitude can be?

In this course we will explore gratitude from a spiritual, energetic, and scientific perspective.

This on-demand course retails for $57, but by entering your name and email here you will be sent a link to access it for free!

Andy Grant has done a great job of convincing me that if I do one thing in the day, it should be to find something to be grateful for. I’ve been practicing some of his techniques, and am amazed at how calmer I am, how I can come down from being agitated more easily, how much easier I fall asleep. Thank you, Andy!” ~Maria

“Andy Grant has done a really great job here of pulling together valid and relevant teachings, videos, messages, reference lists and images. The course is thorough and the material is life-changing if Andy’s suggestions are followed. I have done many of the things he recommends, with indisputable results. On top of all that, he’s a warm, natural and engaging teacher whose own story is quite powerful. Thanks, Andy!” ~Kim

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