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Social Media Class Resources

Thank you for attending The Why of Your Website, here are all the suggested resources we covered in class.

Maximizing Your Social Media Profile (PDF) Class slides April, 2015


Get 7 days of free unlimited access to – is an excellent online training resource. Very high quality cover and ever expanding number of subjects. Search for Facebook, Twitter or whatever you want to learn about.

Mari Smith – excellent social media expert and trainer who specializes in Facebook. She often does free trainings and I recommend her newsletter.

Discover Udemy’s technology & entrepreneurship courses! Udemy is a cool platform full of all sorts of different classes, including classes I’ve created such as The Power of Gratitude and an Introduction to The Akashic Records.


Guided to All Social Media Image Dimensions – hand guide to the optimum sizes of images, cover photos and more for all the major social media sites. – great site to visit to stay up to date with all things social media.


Social Plugins – Facebook documentation for adding Facebook features to your web site.

Facebook to Twitter – Facebook page to set your Facebook posts to automatically go to your Twitter account.

Creative Cover Photos – fun collection of most creative Facebook cover images.

Andy’s profile on Facebook, and Facebook Fan Page, and don’t forget Larry The Lizard!


Twitter for Business – Loads of info, training and tools to grow your business via Twitter.

Twitter Small Business Blog –¬†Your resource for the latest news, product updates, tips and success stories to help your small business succeed on Twitter.

Welcome to Twitter – FAQs and basic info for anyone getting started on Twitter.

Types of Tweets – Terms and definitions of various types of tweets from Twitter Support.

Small Business Success Stories – Small business case studies from Twitter.


Creator Hub – Your home for resources to help create better content, build fan bases, and turn your creativity into your career. Free resources direct from YouTube.

Creator Academy – Strengthen your YouTube skills with free online lessons.

Andy’s Channel – Check out my YouTube channel to get ideas of what you can do, and subscribe!

Video Tools

VideoMakerFX – if you liked the moving text video promos I made for the course, check out this super easy software to make your own. You can promote your business, events, books… I made this video in under 15 minutes. You can add your own voice over, photos or even video clips to include yourself.

EasySketchPro – lets you make those “magic hand” drawing videos that are very popular. Includes lots of ready made images. – online video editing tool. No software needed, this is all in the cloud.


LinkedIn Help Center – go to the source for any questions or to learn more.

New LinkedIn Profile Features – LinkedIn is unrolling an updated profile and this has great tips to make the best of it.

Let’s connect on LinkedIn – this is my LinkedIn profile.

Images – cool, free online design too. You can use free images, upload your own or buy their stock images. – stock photos and vector art with free trial.

Death to the Stock Photo – site offering a few free stock photos each month.

8 Types of Images and Psychological Impact – Interesting blog post with lots of helpful links for various types of images.


Fiverr – outsource options such as writers, editors, illustrators, format conversion… Offerings start at $5 but rise based on job, speed, etc.

oDesk – a bit higher quality than you might find on Fiverr.


Klout – Klout is a social network that combines all your existing accounts and gives you an overall score based on your reach and impact. It can be fun to watch your Klout number rise and fall and see how you’re doing compared to Oprah.

How Many Users for Social Media Tools – Amazing blog updated often with recent numbers of users for an ever growing amount of social media sites, tools and aps.

HootSuite – Service that lets you monitor and schedule posts to a number of social network. You can use with 5 different services at the free level.

Evernote – I LOVE Evernote. It is an online writing app that syncs all your computers and other devices so you can update notes, articles, books where ever you are. You can create notebooks within notebooks, create tags, search and much more. Fantastic and FREE for basic level.

Dropbox – Another I app I live by. Storage in the cloud gives you access to all your files no matter where you are and lets you share content with others if you choose. – Similar to Dropbox, but a newer service. So they give you even more free space! I use both of them.



Note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links; meaning if you buy something from a specific company they may share a percentage with me. I am only an affiliate for products and services I have used and think highly of. Affiliate links to not increase the cost to you and they do not affect my comments/reviews.

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