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Guided Meditation #2: Nighttime Meditation

Since every day comes to an end, here is your
Nighttime Meditation

NOTE: The meditation is below the video. The video is NOT the meditation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your Morning Meditation. If you missed it click here; Morning Meditation.
These energy tools are also a perfect way to end your day.

You can play it here or download the mp3 to play it anywhere, anytime.

What are your experiences with this? Post a comment below.

Nighttime Meditation


Nighttime Meditation MP3 (07:18, 10MB)



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  1. Lisa LaPlante said:

    This is pure bliss! Thank you. I hadn’t realized how much I needed to unwind and meditate myself into a restful state before sleep until I listened to this. So healing and so powerful at soothing the stress away to prepare for relaxing and true rest.
    THANK YOU!!!

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