Navitas: Latin for energy; get up and go


I Love LiveEverything is energy.  Every change you want to make in your life must begin in energy.

“I loved my energy session with Andy. He’s such a gentle and generous soul, he’s deeply intuitive and insightful, and really fun too. His energy reading is remarkable. His energy exercises are powerful. Give yourself a treat and enjoy Andy’s attention, focus and skill. I emerged re-centered, re-energized, grounded, and feeling wonderful.”

Colin, California

“It is great to have someone else put a “name” to all the energy and help me to sift through the negative energy and get to the positive energy. I know that this will help me move forward in my growth around being the best mom that I can be to my children. It has also been great to not have the pain in my shoulder that I have had for the past week. It is amazing that in one conversation with you, we were able to remove it completely and take the weight of the world off of my shoulders. “

Jodi, Massachusetts

“Andy is simply Amazing. I felt a huge weight, being lifted off my shoulders. My session with Andy helped me get over my survivor’s guilt of losing my husband to suicide. I cannot say thank you enough for sharing your gift with me.”

Angela, Oregon

“You are an amazing facilitator. You seemed to know exactly where to look at the blockages, that is within my family situation, and how to get the energy moving to clear it. I felt a huge amount better. With expanding the headspace and turning down the “struggle knob” I felt so much lighter and freer. Thank you again.”

Amanda, UK

“I knew it was you on the other end of the phone, and it sounded like your voice, but as I think about it more and more, it was as though I was talking to my subconscious. Everything you said, I knew on some level.  I also thought it was weird that you never struggled for words, that the words just flowed from your mouth, and every word was perfect.”

Brian, Massachusetts

“A little more than a year ago, I met an amazing man named Andy Grant.  From the first moment I saw his shaved head and his big smile, I knew he was special…” more

Leah Carey, The Miracle Journal

“Andy’s ability to find my blocks and zoom in on issues in my blind spot blows me away!  I’ve been able to let go of old ways of thinking that kept me feeling powerless and really frustrated for years.  Now I have a renewed vision for my life and taking action steps that are adding up.”

Priscilla, Connecticut

“Andy’s intuitive skills are remarkable and his insight has guided me through some rocky moments.  I felt comforted by his energy readings.  It created a clearing, so that I could realize my inner potential.  His connection to vision was instrumental for me to understand what blocks me from establishing a harmonious lifestyle.  He is blessed with a truly wonderful gift, and I am so glad that he finds it in himself to share it with others.”

Lesley, Illinois

“I was truly blown away by my session with Andy – it took my already-high level of appreciation for energy work to a whole new level.  I  felt deeply grounded, respected, nurtured and safe throughout our session.  Within minutes, Andy had tapped into the essence of an issue  that, unbeknownst to me, had been blocking me in my relationships for  years.  And within a few more minutes, with Andy’s laser-sharp intuitive guidance, I was able to clear the deep-seated fear that was keeping me from feeling grounded in my romantic relationship.  I felt a tangible shift in my relationship the same day.”

Elizabeth, North Carolina

“Another amazing session with Andy!  Even by phone, Andy has the ability to create a safe space for me to explore the depth of what is holding me back and blocking me.  I had an old Christmas memory and I was sharing, the emotions came flooding up to the surface.  Andy held a space for my sobbing about an event that happened almost 50 years ago. He was able to connect it to several areas I was blocked.  After the session I felt lighter, more joyful and new ideas were pouring into me.  I feel so alive this week!  Thank you Andy!”

Andrea, California

“I am impressed with Andy!!!  I am not impressed easily.  I am not a person who can work with a ‘What does this mean to you’ environment when working through personal needs and personal growth, nor can I spend precious time without a direction to be provided based on my need.  Andy is GREAT!!!!  We had a telephone working session on my life, where it is now and where it needs to go.  Andy was right to the point and dead on with his analysis and statements of where I come from, how it is impacting my current life, and what I need to do to move myself in the direction I desire!!!  How great it is; to talk plainly and obtain constructive tools for my life in one session.  I can only imagine what it would be like with multiple ones, and look forward to finding out!!!”

Ed, Georgia

“Andy will blow your socks off!  Each time I have had an energy reading session with Andy, I have been amazed at his accuracy and insight and the speed in which he can zero in on the root of the issue I was experiencing.  Andy has helped me release negative beliefs and patterns of behavior that I’ve been carrying for years.  And, as a result, I feel more light, free, joyful and more confident to be the real me.  Andy has a huge heart and guides our sessions with compassion and non-judgmental acceptance.  But, at the same time, Andy doesn’t hold back and calls it like it is.  It’s Andy’s ability to tell the truth while simultaneously holding a space of love and compassion that brings tremendous results.  The truth really does make you free! “

Lorie, Virginia

Experience the transformation for yourself.

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