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Paul Selig: The Live Experience

Paul SeligFor a couple of years numerous people had been telling me to check out Paul Selig. I read he was an author and channeler and just didn’t really care about that stuff. Finally late last year I bought his first book, I Am the Word, had it for a few weeks before I started reading it and was immediately blown away. Reading the book was truly an energetic experience. I’ve since recommended that book to many people and they’ve all reported very powerful experiences too. Then I noticed that for years Paul had been coming to Circles of Wisdom, a place that I often teach at myself. I cursed myself for all the missed opportunities to see him. Well he’s back in town this weekend and I’m there.

Today was day 1 of a weekend long event and I’m intentionally sharing now because I’ll need to cut out a bit early to catch the Paul McCartney concert at Fenway Park on Sunday Night. I’m calling this my Weekend of Pauls. Anyway…. the live experience of Mr. Selig is Out-Fuckin-Standing! If you have enjoyed any book, live stream, YouTube video, or anything from Paul Selig, I urge you to make it a point to experience his work live.

If you haven’t experienced Paul, check him out on YouTube. I know a few people who channel, but I’ve never come across anyone that does it quite like Paul. He speaks each thing he hears as he receives it in a bit of a low murmur, then says it louder for everyone to hear, so it is a sort of echoing experience. It can take some getting used to, but after a few minutes live it just seems normal.

One thing that has me resonate so much with what Paul’s Guides teach is how in sync they are with my own work in the Akashic Records. Readings I do for myself and others often match something that I hear from Paul. In-person, that resonance and recognition is even stronger. The energy, the love, the… level of Truth is honestly something I can sense. It is a certainty of knowing that I can’t properly explain. But it is good, very good. By the lunch break my cheeks hurt from smiling so much all morning and I was so energized I wanted to go hit the gym instead of eat lunch.

Much of the time is lectured material that Paul channels live from The Guides, as well as powerful energetic attunements, practices and exercises with partners. Plus, heavy doses of questions and answers which can often be as helpful, or more so, than the original lectured material. I even got to address The Guides about my dad who suffers from dementia. Paul stepped into my energy and then my dad’s, giving me the perspective from both of us on the situation. A very unique experience.

WordAt the end of the day, when Paul signed my copy of I Am The Word he handed it back with a bit of a smile. In every picture of Paul I’ve seen, he doesn’t smile. I said, “Hey, you do smile!” and his smile broadened. He said people on Facebook criticize him for not smiling. I noticed that he said it with a smile, so relax Facebook, Paul can smile.

Update: I was only able to be around for the 1st half of day two, which was all channeled lectured – some of it brand new content – and the beginning of individual questions being asked. The easiest way I can sum up today for me is resonance and validation. I’ll certainly be seeing Paul Selig again, but for now I’m on to Paul McCartney.

I am here. I am here. I am here.


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